Vodafone Signal Booster

Vodafone Signal Booster For Mobile Service

From the beginning itself, Vodafone is playing a major part in improving the signal strength by making use of signal booster especially in 2G and 3G network. Mostly their team has been targeting on implementing the specialized signal that has high resistance of noise problem especially in home and office. Vodafone mobile signal booster has designed a special network model and they are ready with the new product to sale in the International market and some of them are already distributed and they have good result from customer about the signal coverage.

They are mainly focusing on the home based internet access rather than the office side at first and as the day progress their result has been well and good, so they have decided to provide the upgraded service to office too.

3g Signal Booster Using Femtocell

Branding access gateway through the home based Internet service as well as voice using this Femtocell has been introduced by Vodafone brand. After making the several testing on this Femtocell product is going to be introduce on or before next month with grand opening. This network support with maximum number of four members can communicate at a time by making use of 3G mobile network. They are mainly focusing to place the maximum number of network in the rural area where the signal strength has been really low. This would be the good news for all rural people in the all part of the world.

Features Of Vodafone Signal Access Gateway

There are various mobile signal gateways are available in the market and most of them went through failure result from customer end. By focusing on the entire problem which has been faced by other gateway, Vodafone is ready to generate the new level of access gateway that will totally change the level to next level. This has been specially focused to strengthen the mobile network within the indoor coverage with maximum distance that will be more than enough for an individual or a family usage.

The coverage within the home or office will surely improve the quality of the voice in all ends without any distraction. It also covers the data rate access with maximum speed and prevents all the interruption by making use of innovative repeater.

The major feature of vodafone signal booster would be external service through antenna, high class cable usage and that maintain constant signal strength using repeater. These entire signal boosters will run through the Vodafone WCDMA signal frequencies. This type of independent frequency will help you to resolve the issue as soon as possible by their technician. The 3G booster from the Vodafone has been certified by RoHS certification.

The setup and installation process has been in built within the signal service that can be used to check the speed by the customer by themselves without depending on the technician. Uplink has been used that enhance the network security by auto shutdown to save the power usage. The major tasks to cover the people are targeted at SOHO and customers.